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Brandon Countee
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What I do

I am here to make you successful


You have a great business, or great idea, but you are having problems reaching the customer. If this sounds familiar, I am the one for you. I use targeted campaigns to build your brand and bring awareness to your product or service.

Public Relations

I am gifted at building a bridge between you and the public at large. This includes everything from social media to radio and television.

Event Production

I have extensive experience in managing staff, setting and meeting deadlines, media, and the unexpected. My niche is sports and entertainment, but I am open to much more.


Here is some of the work I am most proud of

Showdown in Beaumont

Event Production

Sunni Boi

Public Relations

Showdown in Beaumont Press Release

Public Relations

Jamal HD

Public Relations

Kicks MMA

Public Relations, Marketing

About Me

A small story of how I got here.

  • 2000-2005

    Baylor Student

    I graduated from the Hankamer School of Business with a degree in Marketing.

  • March 2009

    An Agency is Born

    Marketing is my passion! I wanted to live out my dreams, so I created Majestic Raven.

  • April 2012

    Transition to Event Production

    My Marketing clients kept growing and I found it necessary to take on more responsibility. I started overseeing events to ensure that the vision was executed properly.

  • Feb 2015

    Phase Two: Full Services

    After having sucess in several projects, I am excited to offer full marketing services. The experience that I have gained over the years has prepared me to take on this new challenge.

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Clients I've Worked With

I am experienced with working with other businesses. Check out some of my past partners below.

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